Some information about me:

I am Andre Henriques; I am a software developer and designer who is currently studying at Surrey University !
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Professional Work
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Dr Play
Medical support services and telemedicine platform
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Dr Moz
Medical support services and telemedicine platform
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Platform that links truck drivers and companies
Completed experiments
Small projects that I used to test out a technology or a language, but that are now mostly finished!
Frequency detector - A simple program written in rust that uses a Fourier transform to separate audio into multiple frequencies
Pen trainer - A simple program written in Go to help me get used to a graphic table that I got
Tube Solver - A simple command tool utility to solve the tube sort style games written in C
What I want to try out?
Areas that I want to explore but haven't had the time to try out, and how I plan to try them out:
Machine Learning - Train an AI to recognize my voice and what I say
VR - Create a simple game
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